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The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar 4th Edition

Angels' Share

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Why open the doors of an advent calendar each day in December, or any month for that matter, to reveal just chocolate, when you could be receiving a miniature of scotch whisky, from one of several top-notch Independent Bottlers, instead? Well, now you can!

The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar limited edition contains 25 miniature bottles of scotch whisky from Wemyss Malts, A.D. Rattray, Samaroli, The Malt Whisky Co. and Single Cask Nation. In all, the calendar features single malts, blended malts, single grain and blended scotch whisky. Of the 25 whiskies, some are from casks unique to this product and cannot be tasted anywhere else. created by Secret Spirits.

In addition, the set features a glass, a lapel pin plus a booklet telling you all about the bottlers and with space for your tasting notes on each whisky.

This Advent Calendar is very limited and highly collectable!